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Hey everyone gimme your opinion on this please. I have recently installed olympicmyviet.com.vn elite https://www.olympicmyviet.com.vn.com/download/ và enjoy it. I’ve come across a message in my “things” that says “Hon hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd device joined the network.”

I’m not aware of what this is và I’ve never seen it before. I have to lớn utilize a hardwire USB connection with PDAnet apk application, through my app android phone, to lớn connect lớn the internet. (remote location not near good mạng internet providers etc)

I’ve used PDAnet for almost 2 years & I’ve used the olympicmyviet.com.vn không lấy phí edition for several months and this has never come up. I’ve attempted to vày an IP address search ( và the most I get is this is a private internet connection. Is there any way this could be identifying my PDAnet application? If not, can someone please help me figure out if this is a security concern etc? With the security concerns of the Chinese company HuaWei I’d really like to know what this is and if it’s safe.Bạn sẽ xem: Hon nhị precision là gì


My HP wireless printer shows up with that ID. Probably the brand of network interface that HP uses.

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Network scanners typically look up the manufacturer code of the MAC address used by the NIC,


I have also seen an HP printer (if I remember correctly) with that name. It’s Foxconn.

“Hon nhì Precision Industry has a big hand in making the devices you hold in your hand. The company, known by its trade name, Foxconn, is the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer.”


Also, don’t forget olympicmyviet.com.vn shows you a danh mục of all devices on your network, along with the name of the manufacturer. You can tải về olympicmyviet.com.vn for free and try it here!


internet-devices-list.png713×320 26.2 KB 1 like UncleCarlT April 9, 2018, 3:25pm #4 Okay, thanks Ken & zzz00m. I bởi vì not have an HP printer. Only Brother printer. But from what you’re saying it could be a TON of things. I’m going khổng lồ assume it’s just because my phone is USB connected & move on as if it’s not a threat or concern. As always, thanks for the quick responses and information!



That IP address is internal (i.e. Within your own private home network as opposed to external/internet) & sounds lượt thích the gateway address of your router. It’s easy lớn check. In a command prompt, enter the command ipconfig /all. The result will show you your ‘gateway’ address (as in ‘gateway to lớn the internet’).

Enter another command - arp -a - and you’ll see all the IP addresses used within your private network. Look alongside the ‘Internet Address’ for and you’ll see the ‘Physical Address’, i.e. The MAC address of the network interface you are interested in.

Hope this helps…

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That was really cool. Not sure how to lớn decipher everything, but it is really nice khổng lồ know it’s not a threat. Thanks RickC!

I can’t remember what the app was that I found it, wild guessing it was DD-WRT on our wireless router before, and now I use Fing on Android.

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I need to lớn visit this olympicmyviet.com.vn more often, just learned of PDANet and the arp command.

I think it is important for anybody that is running a trang chủ Wi-Fi network to be aware of all devices connecting to it.

My router admin console can show me a list of connected MAC và IP addresses. But that is one more thing I love about GlssWire is that I don’t need to lớn stay logged into my router khổng lồ see what is connected. Being alerted to lớn any ‘things’ that join the network by GW is a plus!


I also would lượt thích to know what this is.

I changed my Wifi password trăng tròn minutes ago. Nothing beside my computer is connected right now. After about 18 minutes, Hon nhị “joined” the network.

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It would be easy to lớn figure out if I could just block it and see if my mạng internet stops working (I doubt that as it was running fine for 18 minutes)… why can I not block someone from my network? At least I could not figure out how this works with olympicmyviet.com.vn và also did not find information in the FAQ

The MAC address just shows it’s a device from this company in China. I do not lượt thích things I bởi vì not know from trung quốc to access my network.